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Dachshunds have an average life span of 12 - 15 years
* New puppies are a considerable amount of work.
* Their lives are precious and they deserve the best life you can give them.
* Puppies will whine, have potty accidents, and tear things up.
* Are you ready to accept them and willing to help them to grow?
* Be sure you are ready to make a commitment to them before you decide to buy one.

Puppy Stress
Buyer needs to be aware that a puppy is a baby and that sometimes babies (even human ones) may get sick due to stress or other related reasons. He is leaving our home and entering a new environment and stress related sicknesses may occur. These are beyond my control. New owners need to allow proper rest and nutrition. 

Your puppy will be sent home with some Purina Pro Plan Puppy food which can be found in most pet stores and feed stores. This is a grainfree dogfood that I have found to be easy on a puppy's tummy. Please continue this diet until he has adjusted to his new environment. 

Also I require that you continue the dilute puppy on NuVet for at least 1 year and preferably for the rest of his life. Info on this product is on the Dilute Color Care page.

Socialize! Socialize! Socialize!
From the time your puppy is 7 weeks old until he is about 9 months, he/she is in a crucial stage of development, mentally as well as physically.This mental development is what shapes his behavior and personality from then on. When he has finished his puppy shots for his protection, let him visit places with other people and pets to "socialize" him. There are pet stores that let you shop with your new family member, parks, events, and even activities for puppies. Check out the puppy classes, get him out in the big wide world to enjoy it and you can show off your new buddy.

House Breaking
Until he is about 3 months old your puppy will have to relieve himself quite often. Timing is essential. Your puppy needs to go after eating, playing, or after a walk, about every 2 hours during the day. Remember that keeping to a regular schedule of meals and walks will make it easier. Don't end the walk abruptly as soon as he releives himself; end the trip outside in fun or he will figure out that holding it will result in more fun time. Always let him know when he's been good. Watch him close and if he acts like he's going to "go", say no and quickly take him outside. Never give delayed punishment. If you punish him later he will act guilty , hanging his head and looking sad but this does not mean that he understands; all he knows is that you are unhappy with him. NEVER RUB HIS NOSE IN IT!
Provide him with his own special place such as a crate and confine him anytime you are not watching him. A puppy is less likely to relieve himself in a confined space and will hold until the walk but remember that he cannot as of yet hold for very long.

Crate Training
Crate training can ease the housebreaking period, help pups to travel safe and give them a comfortable place of retreat. Most puppies think of their crate as a den, esp. if there is a soft liner in it. Make sure that the crate is well ventilated and that there is room for the dog to turn around and stretch out but don't go too big. Never leave your puppy in a crate too long. Although they may make it through the night do not leave a puppy crated for more than a few hours and always leave plenty of fresh water. Accidents happen, just be sure to clean the crate thoroughly. Accidents are usually the fault of the owner so it is important to be consistent. Never use a crate for punishment but for sleep and relaxation. Keep a special toy in it like a puppy kong with paste and make the crate a haven for the puppy. is a great site for housebreaking and training 


Flea Prevention and Control  

This is Charley (choc & tan on left) and his friend Anna. Charley is from Lils Dachshund Puppies and both Charley and Anna wear a Pet Protector around their necks to keep fleas and ticks off of them. Their owner Wendy says this is all they use and yes -  it works! Check it out here. 
I'm sure Wendy would not mind answering your questions about this product. Her email is  

I recommend at least two dachshunds per household :0)

Vaccine Schedule

First shot 8 weeks - not earlier
(Remaining shots to be given about 3 - 4 weeks apart.
Second shot 11 - 12 weeks
Third shot 14 - 16 weeks
Your pup can get his rabies shot during the third set depending on your vet ( I prefer to have the rabies done even later ). He should then get a booster set of shots no more than every three years thereafter. Some vaccines give lifetime immunity. 
Take the time to read my Vaccine Protocal page.
In order for your puppy to be fully protected he must receive three sets of puppy shots. Please take your puppy to a vet so that he can get the appropriate shots necessary for his well being.

Dont let your dog eat raisons, grapes, onions, chocolate, cocoa, avocadoes and macadamia nuts.

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