Miniature Dachshund Puppies 
for sale in Florida

Florida Miniature Dachshund Puppies

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YEEHA!! Blossom's PUppies are pictured below. They are positively gorgeous.
scroll down to see pictures of the puppies in their play yard.

 ee Red Long Hair Male 
(this one is real creamy with white stripe on face-    SOLD 
My name is Bruno - Awesome!

Clear Red Long Hair Female - 
(Just a tad lighter than the other)
 SOLD to Karen - YOWZA!

Clear Red Long Hair Female   
SOLD to Peter - WOOHOO

ee Red Long Hair 
Female SOLD 
My name is Blair and I belong to Vanessa GREAT! 

Blossom's puppies above are having a blast in their play yard. 

Please call, text or email me with your questions
386-717-3673   or   [email protected]
Thanks for looking :-)

Also check out Michelle's dogs

Home: 352-483-7488  Cell Phone: 352-551-748  Or email: [email protected]

All below are spoken for

Precious - Black & Tan Miniature Dachshund 

Short Hair Puppy 

Smallest in the litter - Female 

Remy is SOLD to 

Stephen and Linde


Beautiful - Chocolate & Tan 

Miniature Dachshund Puppy


* SOLD * 

My name is Grace and I belong to Benjamin


Handsome - Black & Tan 

Miniature Dachshund 

Short Hair Puppy 


Rocco is SOLD 

to Stuart


Gorgeous Black & Tan Dapple 

Miniature Dachshund 

Short Hair Puppy


Staying Here - Woo-Hoo!

Please contact me for planned future breeding or go to Expectant Parents pg.

Chocolate & Tan Short Hair Male - SOLD

My name is Kobe and I'm going home with Rebecca - GREAT!

Chocolate & Tan Dapple Short Hair Male -SOLD - I belong to Megan - WOW!

Chocolate & Tan Long Hair Male -SOLD-  My name is Charlie and my new mom is Jessica - YES!

Puppies Below Are All Sold - 

vet appt for this litter is April 27th, 2013

Watch the puppies above as they wrestle in their play yard - fun, fun.

Puppies Below Are All Sold
 The puppies love to play outside. The weather has been so nice this past week I even fed them outdoors. It was like having a picnic :0)

Copper is at top left facing the camera.

Be sure to watch the video above of the happy puppies playing.

Clockwise from bottom left is Lola, Copper, Daisy, Gracie, and General Jake.  



Some More Past Puppies Are
 Pictured Below :0)
-  All are already in their new homes -


                Blk & Tan Dapple / Pie Male SOLD

              My name is Troy and I belong to the Webbs.             

                           Black & Tan Male SOLD 

 My name is Rio and I belong to Ralph and Debbie


               Blk & Tan Dapple / Pie Female  SOLD

My name is Willow and I belong to the Smith family    

Reverse Blue & Tan Miniature Dachshund Puppy                    SOLD My name is Finley 
and I belong to Kelly.

All Puppies Below Are Spoken For.
Thanks for looking.

Low Rider consistently throws some really nice puppies with great personalities.

Blk & Tan Dapple Female  SOLD

My name is Stormy and I belong to Jennifer.