Miniature Dachshund Puppies 
for sale in Florida

Florida Miniature Dachshund Puppies

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The Papas

  Roll Over Red Rover 
Red - Long Hair
A super confident boy who thinks he is king of the harem. He gives me gorgeous puppies every time.

Lil's Red Hot Rod
Hot Rod is a tiny boy with a carefree personality. His puppies are always happy. 
Hot Rod lives with friends in Deleon Springs.

This is Luther

He is a gorgeous blonde short hair dachshund > he  gives me the loveliest puppies. Luther is about 12 lbs with nice short legs and a super soft coat. 

The Mommas

Lil's Daisy Mae Flower
Choc & Tan Dapple Short Hair
This one loves to give kisses.

Lil's Buttercup Flower   English Cream Long Hair 
Buttercup has lots of attitude and the most soulful eyes. 
Thanks Lenasminidoxies.

Lil's White Orchid Flower
Choc Extreme Piebald Semi Long Hair 
Orchid is a little shy toward people but she is an energetic and fiesty playmate with the other dogs. 

Lil's Black Dahlia
Black & Tan short Hair
Dahlia is very sure of herself and enjoys lots of attention. She produces beautiful babies with out-going dispositions. 
Dahlia lives with friends in Deland.  

Lil's Red Blossom Flower
Red - Long Hair. 
Blossom loves to sit on a lap 
and just chill. 

Lil's Blue Bell Flower
Blue & Tan Short Hair
Blue Bell is a beautiful girl with nice short legs and excellent conformation. She is shy toward strangers but otherwise she is a super sweetie. 

Lil's Sweet Petunia Flower

Black & Tan Long Hair

Petunia is a very affectionate girl toward those she knows - but don't be fooled - she also has strong hunting instincts. Beware lizards - Petunia will hunt you with seemingly endless tenacity.