Miniature Dachshund Puppies 
for sale in Florida

Florida Miniature Dachshund Puppies

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Please visit my Expectant Parents pg for upcoming litters.

Elsie (pictured below) has 4 beautiful girls. All are AKC long hair. DOB Dec-19-14 
*Ready for Valentines 2015*

Black & Tan Female Long Hair - $600 ( SOLD to Rebecca)
Red Piebald Female Long Hair - $600 (SOLD to John Mark)
Black & Tan piebald Female Long Hair $600 (SOLD to Catherine)
Extreme Piebald Female Long Hair $800  (SOLD to Jackie)

SOLD to Rebecca - Yeeha!

  SOLD to Catherine - Yowza! 

SOLD to Jackie - Woohoo!

SOLD to John Mark - Awesome!

 An Extreme Piebald has 90% white coat - normally with a few spots of color here and there. 
The spots show up as the pup matures.


Mr Darcy

Buttercup's puppy is a chocolate based Eng Cream male. 
English Creams start out dark and lighten up as they mature. He will be a light cream color- somewhere between mom and pop. DOB is Dec 2nd.  
*SOLD to Cody and Sarah*
Ready on Jan 27, 2015 

My Name is Dexter - and I belong to Cody and Sarah 

To the left is a picture of Buttercup when she was a puppy. You can see how dark her overcoat started out. The lighter color is the color the puppy will be at maturity. 

For future breeding plans please go to Expectant Parents pg.

The pups below are all spoken for. 

Red Long Hair Small Male   
 SOLD My name is Marlee and I get to live with Mark.  YES!

Black & Tan Female - $600  SOLD 
My name is Jordan and I belong to Lorisa - GREAT!

Red Female $550 SOLD
My name is Sophia and I belong to Danielle - NICE!